Do you want to stream full porn movies at That has to be the domain score of a lifetime, am I right? It’s quick, punchy, straight to the point, and tells you everything you need to know about the site before you ever even visit. Fuck, the people of Bang studios really lucked out with that one. It really makes you wonder if they are able to live up to the high expectations that a name like Bang sets up for a premium pay porno site.

Well, let’s take a look, shall we? From the moment you log into the members’ area, you are immediately assailed with an ad. Alright, not off to a great start, Bang, I’m not gonna lie. You already have my fucking money, and you want more of it? That is fucking bullshit. No, you aren’t getting any more of my money. Nor are your fucking partners. Just bring me to the supposedly great porn that I’m already paying for. Okay, whatever. Just click “bring me to the members’ area” and ignore it, I guess.

Wait! Don’t click into the members’ area quite so fast. In smaller, easy to miss text, you’ll find “don’t show me this again.” Yes. Click there first. Well, I guess that option almost makes up for the fact that you are advertising to me on a fucking paysite. At least you grant me the option to only be advertised to once. Fine, I’ll allow it. I have seen much worse in terms of ads on pay similar paysites before.

Lots of Shit Going On Here…

Okay, now you can click into the members’ page. The site looks pretty cool. You’ve got some sleek design, your typical black background and red text combo, and a ton of thumbnails broken into a bunch of categories. You’ve got a giant promotion for the main video they are peddling at the moment at the very top of the page. Below, you’ll find “New Bang Originals” along with a list of channels to choose from.

Keep scrolling down and you will find a section titled “Bang Prime,” which I believe is meant to be something similar to Amazon Prime, in that Bang is providing its members with content made by other production studios. This is pretty cool, in my opinion, and a feature that I have yet to see on any other premium site. It’s always great when a site gives you plenty of options to mix things up and explore different content, especially since each studio tends to have its own niche.

Scroll down a little further and there is another enormous promotion. This time it is for Bang’s newest series, Pretty and Raw, subtitled, “Pretty babes get a taste of RAW hardcore sex.” Okay, at least it’s not an ad for another site. But, it is still pretty fucking frustrating because it is huge—we’re talking the full size of a normal web page—and constantly playing clips on a loop, so it slows down the rest of the site a little bit. But, whatever, keep scrolling.

The next section of the home page consists of today’s featured videos, and, below that, you’ll find a “because you watched…” section. I think that is a nice touch, especially since these sites can be massive and often not super easy to navigate at first. So, I always appreciate it when a site can recommend content to me based on my taste, so I don’t have to spend hours sifting through everything that they have on the site.

Lost in a Sea of Cunt

As you may have gathered from reading the last few paragraphs. Bang’s homepage is huge. And it’s not particularly clean or well-organized. Plus, as I mentioned, it’s kind of slowed down due to two giant promotional videos automatically playing at all times. I would like to see Bang clean up their home page a bit—pare it down a little, chill out with the video promotions, and provide more of a clear navigation tool for the site.

It’s not like Bang is a small site. Not by any means. They boast 122,037 videos on the home page (with a counter tracking how many of the grand total you have watched, which is kind of a fun feature). I wish that Bang gave its users a little more in the way of navigating all of these videos. The only options you have in the site’s menu bar are “Videos,” “B! Originals,” “Prime,” “Channels,” “Porn Stars,” and “Live.” Nothing in the way of a comprehensive search or a directory of categories (at least that is easy to find).

Great Original Content

As far as Bang’s original content is concerned, I think it is quite good. It’s well shot, not overly cinematic, and the models are all exceptional. One thing that I can definitely appreciate about Bang’s original content is that the cameramen know how to vary their angles and, furthermore, what to focus on.

Too often in “premium” porn videos I feel like the cameraman is more concerned with shooting the set than the fucking. Or they will linger on one angle for too long (or, conversely, switch angles too frequently). This is not the case with Bang videos, though. The camera works each angle and position for just the right amount of time before switching to something new. This is a tricky balance to strike at times, so, as a connoisseur of pornographic material, I would like to applaud the Bang team for having excellent instincts.

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