Interested in Lets Doe It aka PornDoePremium? With countless numbers of porn sites to choose from on the web, it is no easy task to come up with a site that sets itself apart from the rest. Chances are, you have heard the saying ‘it’s all been done’ before. And, to a certain extent, that is true. Whether referring to art, music, writing, or porn, literally everything has been done before.

Yet, somewhat paradoxically, people still write completely original sounding songs, create visually unique art, write books that change the face of literature. And, it turns out, particularly innovative minds still seem to find a way to do new things when it comes to how they provide us with pornographic videos. And seems to be one of those sites that has found a new way for us pornophiles to consume high-quality, top-notch pornos. And they pride themselves on just that.

“Letsdoeit (aka PornDoePremium) is a revolutionary porn network site,” reads the first sentence of their About page, “The main focus of our network is to make sure that our clients get the best paysite experience while also fulfilling their naughtiest fantasies!” And that just about sums up the crux of what Letsdoeit is doeing differently from all the rest.


The VIP Treatment

At a time when the landscape of the adult industry has been completely renovated due to the rise of the tube site (Porn Hub, Redtube, xHamster, etc.), many top-tier porn production studios have succumbed to the new model of free porn access, allowing such sites to feature their content. Not full-length scenes, of course (at least not with their blessings), but clips meant to entice porn tube users to sign up for a premium membership, hoping they will want more once they’ve been given a taste. Lets doe It, on the other hand, rejects this free sample technique entirely, meaning that every video produced by the Letsdoeit network is exclusively available on their site and nowhere else.

Even if the videos that Letsdoeit was producing were mediocre, this would add a certain level of enticement. Exclusivity is enticing. People just tend to naturally want what they can’t have. Letsdoeit recognizes this and has, rather brilliantly, figured out how to capitalize on it. And there you have it: classic hardcore porn done in a new way.

And, just to be clear, we’re not talking about 20 or 30 videos that can’t be found elsewhere on the web; we’re talking 50 original channels (that’s right, 50 channels) that can only be accessed with a Letsdoeit subscription. That’s a huge amount of content. You might find a leaked video here and there, but they are truly few and far between.

With a membership to Letsdoeit, you, the member, truly come first (and you cum last too). There’s nothing I love more in a website than when this is evidently the case. And given the level of exclusivity that Letsdoeit offers, as well as the amount of obvious time, effort, energy, and talent that goes into making their new scenes every day, you don’t even have to ask whether or not this site exists to give you an amazing experience, or just to make money. I mean, of course, the site makes a shit ton of money too. Their priorities are in order is all I’m saying, with you at the top of the list.

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