NaughtyAmerica! If you are well-versed in the world of porn (which I know that you are, you fucking pervert!), chances are you’ve either heard of or seen a video clip from the behemoth porn studio known as Naughty America. They have built quite a name for themselves and are often applauded for their classic brand of topnotch pornography—classic scenarios and classic girls, all shot with a classic style. was founded in 2001 under the name of SoCal Cash. They did not adopt the moniker Naughty America until March of 2004. From these humble beginnings, NaughtyAmerica has propped itself up as one of the premier adult film studios and caters to some of the most deeply rooted, longest-standing sexual fantasies in America.


Situations like the hot secretary that stays late and fucks her boss who she’s always been horny for, a group of unbelievably sexy chicks fucking a pizza delivery guy because they can’t afford to pay for their pizza, and the seemingly innocent schoolgirl seducing her taken-by-surprise tutor after school are some of the staple fantasies of American pornography that Naughty America indulges in their videos.


Another interesting tidbit about Naughty America is the use of the date 1776 which sometimes appears in their logo. Why 1776, you might ask? Very good question. Allow me to learn you: 1776 is the date that the Declaration of Independence was signed, in which Thomas Jefferson asserts the rights to “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” What a fitting slogan for a company that specializes in hedonism, don’t you think? Something tells me our founding fathers would approve of Naughty America, at least in private.

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