Pure Taboo! Do you ever feel like there’s this lustful itch that you just can’t reach? Like no matter how much porn you watch, no matter what kind of porn it is, it all just keeps missing the mark? Maybe you want something rougher, something darker, something grittier, but you don’t necessarily want to delve into the realm of extreme porn because that can be an absolutely disgusting and nightmarish place. Sometimes it just feels like you need something very specifically hard and dark, but you just can’t put your finger on it.


So maybe you try some super hardcore anal porn, but that doesn’t do it for you. You check out a couple of gangbangs, but there are just far too many dicks and it takes you out of the moment. So you try some of that disconcertingly popular “abuse” or “incest” porn (not-dad goes into his not-daughter’s room drunk in the middle of the night and fucks her in her sleep), but it really just ends up being filmed like normal porn with an edgier title.


You need something raw; something dark, but not too dark (you’re obviously not trying to see scat torture or anal prolapse or anything truly disgusting like that). Trust me, I know this feeling well, this feeling that comes in waves every once in a while, that unreachable itch. Well, you’re in luck. If you have experienced this feeling before, I have some very good news for you: I think I’ve found the perfect site to satisfy that mysterious desire for the dark but not disgusting.

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