Let's roleplay at VR Cosplay X! In the past few years, virtual reality technology has seen a pretty big boom in sales and prominence, and it’s largely due to the porn industry. Virtual reality is one of those things that has always seemed just over the horizon, just a few years away from being mastered and mass-produced at affordable prices, with an unbelievable amount of lifelike immersion.

This seems to have been promised to us since the early 1980s in the form of sci-fi movies and a few landmarks of technological breakthroughs. Virtual reality, however, even in 2018, still has not quite hit the mark the way we all thought it would for video games and entertainment, save for what VR has done to the porn viewing experience.

A natural improvement upon the medium of point of view, or POV, porn virtual reality has made completely immersive porn an actual reality. If you have the money for the right equipment (the industry-standard VR headset, the Oculus Rift will run you about $400, and, in conjunction with a Fleshlight, you’ll be about as close to the real thing as you can get), I think it’s safe to say that VR porn is one of the best virtual reality experiences on the market today.

What VR porn, at its core, I think, aims to do is to blur the lines between fantasy and reality, to the point where one is hardly distinguishable from the other. Cosplay, another recent phenomenon of both the porn and nerd industries, seems to aim to do the same. Cosplay provides a platform for people to live out their favorite fiction in real life by dressing up as characters from fantasy, action, anime, and sci-fi movies, shoes, and books.

Cosplay porn operates off of the same premise, the only difference being that these beloved characters are fucking. It only makes sense, then, that the worlds of virtual reality porn and cosplay porn would meet … that the ultimate form of technology to blur the lines of reality and fantasy should be offered to a demographic of people who spend their free time trying to blur the lines between reality and the fantasy worlds of their favorite series.

Fantasies Cum to Life

Enter VRCosplayX.com. A part of the BadoinkVR network (one of the world’s most popular and award-winning VR porn sites), VRCosplayx dedicates themselves to producing high-quality VR pornographic content focused entirely on cosplay. Now, with the right equipment, you can finally virtually fuck that cartoon bitch you’ve always secretly had a hard-on for. But not in the way that anime or 3D animated porn gives you that outlet. These are actually extremely hot chicks merely dressed up as your favorite characters, allowing that line separating reality and fiction to become even more transparent.

Given the fact that cosplay is at the heart of VR Cosplay X, nearly every video (excuse me, “VR experience”) on the site is an xxx parody. Choose between a huge number of fictional worlds to inhabit (and a huge number of fictional sluts to inhabit), all of which are super fucking sexy.

Enter the world of Space Jam and finally be able to fuck Lola Rabbit without being confused about the fact that you are attracted to a cartoon rabbit, since you are actually fucking Gabi Gold in a Toonsquad jersey and a bunny ears scrunchy (yes, she has a cute little tail above her ass). Or maybe Space Jam wasn’t really your jam growing up. Maybe Toy Story was more your thing. Well, you’re in luck as well. Inhabit Woody’s POV and fuck your soul mate, Jessie while Andy’s out of the room.

There are VR experiences on here for every single one of your fictional lusts. Fans of Tomb Raider can rejoice at the fact that they now get to fuck the most convincing Laura Croft I’ve ever seen in porn (Alyssia Kent is a bombshell and does a great fucking job, as well as a great fucking-job). Also, finally have your chance to fuck Sonya from Mortal Kombat, Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Tinker Bell, Wonder Woman, Jessica Rabbit, the Sailor Moon bitches … the list goes on and on.

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